1-to-1 Training & Behavior Services

Qualified, effective, and humane

How I can help

Whether you’re dealing with serious behavior problems, in need of basic manners for a newly adopted pup or you want to involve the whole family in training, I have a program that will help you achieve your goals.

Fear and/or aggression toward strangers

Fear and/or aggression toward family members

Resource guarding/possessiveness



Generalized fear and/or anxiety

Body handling/grooming/vet procedure sensitivity

Barking/lunging at people

Barking/lunging at other dogs

Cat consultations

Noise phobias

Not coming when called

Jumping on visitors/greeters

Potty training

Crate training

Obedience and manners

Leash pulling

Fear of walking outside

Where to start?

Puppy/New Dog Phone Consult

Start here if you have a puppy that is under 16 weeks old, a dog adopted within the last month (and not showing any fear or aggression) or if you haven’t yet gotten a dog. I can help answer any questions you may have about integrating your new dog into your home, whether this is your first dog or you’re a seasoned dog owner.  Learn all the things to do and not to do in those critical first days and weeks.

Initial Phone Consult

Start here for all other behavior and training needs – from fear & aggression to pre-baby prep and basic obedience. We will go into detail about the problems you’re experiencing, what your goals are for training, and how to stop the problem behaviors from ever happening in the first place. You’ll also receive training plans, a follow-up summary and email support.

Are you an existing client?

Other Services

Interested in one of my educational presentations?

My Approach

Quite simply, I use science, not because it’s flashy but because science works (whether we believe it or not!) and gets you results. I distill all the important learning theory and applied behavior analysis into easily digestible ways to help your dog.

This includes rewarding behaviors you want increased, using non-painful, non-scary ways to decrease unwanted behaviors and using desensitization and counterconditioning for behavior modification in fear and aggression cases. I am wholly committed to positive reinforcement training and will never hurt, coerce, scare or “dominate” your dog in any way.