Is your dog’s behavior causing you stress?

I’m here to rescue you! 

Why Choose Me?


Well-tested, proven, systematic training plans ensure you make the greatest progress effectively and efficiently.


Verifiable credentials, humane training methods, clear policies, and candor about prognosis and progress.


Thousands of hours training a diverse population of dogs and owners, encompassing a variety of issues.

Qualified, effective, and humane training

Dog training is unregulated and unqualified trainers regularly use outdated and dangerous methods, making behavior problems worse.  As a certified trainer and accredited behavior consultant, I vow to be transparent. I am deeply committed to only using scientifically proven, veterinarian supported, positive-reinforcement methods that will get you results and that will never hurt, scare or dominate your dog.  I promise.

My Commitment To You


Providing relief, lasting behavior changes and improved quality of life for you and your dog.


Nurturing bonds, or mending broken ones, to help you enjoy and love your dog.


No judgement, only empathy, kindness and a deep desire to help you and your dog get results.


Thorough follow-up notes, valuable resources, videos and links with dependable access for when you need support.

Success Stories


Shelby’s family couldn’t groom or touch her and she was forcibly muzzled at the vet.  Now Shelby allows grooming, touching (including tick checks!) and enjoys wearing her muzzle at the vet.


Rudy was fearful, afraid to take walks and would charge, growl and bark at strangers.  By giving her family tools to help her feel safe and working through training, Rudy now eagerly approaches people and loves going on walks and hikes.


Rescued from Hurricane Harvey, Houston was afraid of unusual looking people and children in NYC.  After training, she is now comfortable on walks and looks eagerly at her parents when she sees children on walks.


From life at a meat market to NYC, Arnie was incredibly fearful of everything and everyone, including being leashed and going outside.  After almost a year of committed training, Arnie now gets excited to be harnessed and goes on short walks!


Scoobie’s family called for help after she bit their toddler and was growling when they took her chews away.  After completing day training, including sessions with the toddler to teach proper ways to interact with Scoobie, now everyone is safe and having fun.


Coming from a rural home, NYC was very scary for Munchie and she refused to take walks.  Her dedicated family completed training and she now gets all waggy and excited for walks and loves going to the park.


Maddie had bitten before and would try to bite strangers approaching her yard or home. She now has a large circle of trusted people, her owners can take vacations and Maddie enjoys relaxing in the yard or on the porch, with passersby.


Knox was difficult to safely walk with him lunging, growling and barking at other dogs.  Now Knox encounters dogs, reorients away from them and looks at his walker.  His family feels safer, he’s walked more frequently and goes to the park!


From a stray in Puerto Rico to NYC, Delilah would growl if someone approached when she had a high value chew.  After a few sessions, she now happily wags when approached and enthusiastically spits out her chew if someone comes near.


Willow was all puppy – jumpy, mouthy, barky and using her family’s 3 kids as chew toys.  They completed our Family Dog program and now she’s happy and well behaved and the kids know how to have fun and safely interact with her!


YoYo is deaf and would startle and bite if someone touched him or tried to approach him when he was eating.  YoYo now has ways to communicate when he wants affection, allows brushing and automatically sits when approached if he has food.