End of Life (Death) Doula Care

Are you struggling with end of life for your beloved companion? I can support you by:

Being someone who implicitly understands the pain of pet loss

Providing a safe space to acknowledge your pain without fear of judgment, especially for stigmatized losses like behavioral euthanasia

Providing a grief partner that offers you peace of mind and comfort

Giving you connection so you don't feel lost or alone

Helping you alleviate feelings of uncertainty, guilt and regret

Being someone who can help support, advocate for and honor your wishes

I am not a therapist but…

As a professional, certified dog trainer specializing in fear and aggression and an end of life companion animal doula, I have helped clients through pet loss, whether from natural aging, unexpected medical issues, accidents or behavioral euthanasia. I also have navigated my own personal companion animal losses and can relate to and provide support with the caretaking and grief process you’re going through.


An end of life doula can help

you with:


Objectively measuring quality of life (physical and emotional)


Coordinating celebration of life events


Brainstorming for physical memorials, vigils and tributes


Non-medical, emotional support and guidance


Discussing or planning euthanasia options


Researching informational support during a difficult time


Planning how to spend meaningful time together


Exploring palliative or hospice care options


Including children in memorializations and rituals


Discussing grief with children



I can’t wait to learn more about you, your cherished loved one and the relationship with your beloved companion animal. He’s your world. She’s your best friend. And I want to learn all about your time together and how you want to honor their life moving forward.

Grief has its own timeline and everyone’s grief journey is unique and incomparable to anyone else’s. If you are experiencing grief or anticipating your loss, telling yourself (or listening to those who do) to you to “just get over it,” that will not help your heart heal. Even those who have lost their own animals may not understand the depth of connection you have with yours.

Guard your heart and be thoughtful about who you look to for support and empathy. I can provide you with compassionate support and bear witness to your grief journey.

Don’t you deserve that?

My flexible offerings provide you with some sense of control over your grief journey, knowing you have a grief partner when you need it. 

Are you ready to honor your beloved?


Let’s get started.

There are a few flexible options to work with me:

1:1 Initial Assessment for Surrendering, Rehoming or Behavioral Euthanasia

If you are considering surrendering, rehoming or other outcomes such as behavioral euthanasia then this 60-minute video session is for you. (This is NOT for clients who are looking to do training or whose animals are in end of life stages.) This is a safe, non-judgmental space to navigate tough decisions like rehoming, surrendering and behavioral euthanasia with the guidance of a behavior professional.



1:1 End of Life Doula Video or Phone Session (45 minutes)

Schedule as you need it. No commitments, no packages – just support as you need it.

Sessions can be done via Zoom (with or without your video turned on) or phone. It is your choice.

Urgent appointments can sometimes be accomodated, but please email once you have booked if you’d like to be put on a waitlist for something sooner.



End of Life Doula Monthly Support

Knowing you have access to someone who understands what you’re going through when you need support is invaluable.

My monthly support package includes 4 scheduled 45-minute sessions (Zoom or phone, whichever you prefer, with or without video) and text support throughout the month.



End of Life Doula Full Support Package (3 months)

My most comprehensive package includes 3 months of support often anticipatory grief through post-death grieving period but it can be customized for you.

Includes 12 scheduled 45-minute sessions (Zoom or phone) with priority scheduling and text support throughout the entire package.



If you truly cannot afford support, please contact me.

I know how difficult pet loss can be. It can be lonely and you may feel desperate. I may be able to refer you, provide resources or arrange a special payment structure to help you. If you or someone you know is struggling or in crisis, help is available. Call or text 988 or chat 988lifeline.org It may not feel like it now, but life is worth living. I promise.


What is a Companion Animal End of Life (or Death) Doula?

A companion animal death doula provides non-medical, emotional support and guidance throughout your grieving process, from anticipatory grief through post-death. 

What training and experience do you have?

I am not a human therapist, psychologist or counselor, but am a certified End of Life Companion Animal Doula and am also a professional, certified dog trainer and behavior consultant who specializes in fear and aggression. This combination of trainer and death doula means for almost a decade I have helped clients through pet loss, whether from natural aging, unexpected medical issues, accidents or behavioral euthanasia. I also have navigated my own personal companion animal losses and can relate to and provide support with the caretaking and grief process you’re going through. 

How can you help?

From the moment you get that terminal diagnosis for your pet, have another bad incident that makes you question how long this can go on or even as your dog is naturally aging, your grief process starts and continues through the moment you say goodbye and into the mourning period. My services are tailored to each client to be the support you need at any given time, whether that is helping you communicate with your veterinarian, providing qualified behavior guidance on behavioral euthanasia candidates, helping you objectively review quality of life assessments, discussing burial and cremation options or deciding the best ways to spend meaningful time with the time you have left. In addition to gently guiding you through the palliative and caretaking phase, I can help you plan memorials or projects you’d like to complete to remember your precious loved one.

What's the cost?

I offer a variety of services from a single non-training consult if you’re considering rehoming, surrendering or behavioral euthanasia to as needed support sessions to monthly and comprehensive grief support packages, starting at $50.

Do I need any special equipment?

If you have a phone or computer, we can work together! We can do your sessions as a phone call or over Zoom, with your video on or off – the choice is yours. 

Why did you become a death doula?

I was moved to become a death doula for companion animals after my caretaking and grief journey for my own 14 year old dog , Mr. Barbo, who left us in 2022. He struggled with arthritis, cancer and several other aging related conditions and I spent the better part of a year doing palliative care, working with multiple vets and preparing for his euthanasia. Not only did that experience inspire me to be more passionate about caring for seniors, I also became certified through Canine Arthritis Management to be able to better help my clients and other dog guardians about prevention, diagnosis and care of arthritis in dogs. In addition to Barbo, my husband and I have another senior dog, BooBoo, who was my inspiration to become a professional trainer and as she approaches 15 years old, I wanted to be as prepared as possible to cope with her loss when the time comes. As a fear and aggression specialist, occasionally my clients are considering behavioral euthanasia, surrendering or rehoming and this carries with it stigmas and a different kind of grief and I wanted to be able to support my clients during these difficult times with my unique combination of behavioral and doula work together.