New to Rescued by Training? Let’s get started. 

Fear/Aggression/Reactivity Initial Video Consult

Does your dog bark, growl and/or lunge? Or maybe he runs away, hides and/or shuts down? Let’s talk about why he’s does this and how you can help him feel safe.
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  • Diagnostic assessment
  • Management instruction
  • An incremental training plan
  • Case-specific recommendations
  • One month of email support

$350/2 hours

Basic Manners Initial Video Consult

Does your dog jump on people, pull on leash, or otherwise need some help with his manners? This is the place to start.  (This service is NOT for dogs displaying fearful/aggressive behaviors.)
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  • House/Chew Training
  • Basic obedience behaviors
  • Nuisance behaviors
  • Enrichment strategies
  • Relevant handouts & videos
  • Live coaching and/or demo
  • Age-appropriate guidance

$175/1 hour

New Dog/Puppy Video Consult

Make sure you get it right from the beginning! We’ll talk about how to set your new dog up to succeed before problems manifest themselves.  (This service is NOT for dogs displaying fearful/aggressive behaviors. This is for dogs who have
been in their new home for less than 4 weeks.)
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  • Set up for success from the beginning
  • Enrichment guidance
  • Management strategies
  • Integration into your schedule & lifestyle
  • Integration with other pets
  • Relevant handouts
  • Age-appropriate guidance

$175/1 hour

Pre-Baby/Toddler Video Consult

Specialized training for expecting families or families approaching toddlerhood. (This service is NOT for dogs already displaying fearful/aggressive behaviors.) 
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  • Complete assessment
  • Enrichment guidance
  • Management strategies
  • Integration into your new schedule & lifestyle
  • Relevant handouts
  • Personalized training plans & homework

$300/2 hours

Surrendering, Rehoming or Other Outcomes Video Consult 

This is for clients considering surrendering, rehoming or other outcomes. This is NOT for clients who are looking to do training. If you are looking to work on your dog’s issues, please book a fear/aggression consult (including for fearful dogs, reactivity, stranger danger, resource guarding, body handling, dog with baby/toddler issues, vet/grooming phobias.)
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  • Complete personalized assessment based on your dog, your lifestyle and your family’s needs
  • Enrichment guidance
  • Management strategies
  • Relevant handouts
  • Safe, non-judgemental space to navigate tough decisions like rehoming, surrendering and other difficult outcomes with the guidance of a behavior professional. You don’t have to, and shouldn’t navigate this alone. There is help.

$200/1 hour

Cat Video Consult

We will go into detail about the problems you’re experiencing, what your goals are for training, and how to stop the problem behaviors from ever happening in the first place. 
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  • Human-directed aggression
  • Cat-cat housemate issues
  • Anxiety or fear-related issues
  • Litterbox issues
  • Urine-marking
  • Inappropriate scratching
  • Excessive vocalization
  • Nighttime activity
  • PICA
  • Cat-dog issues or integration
  • Overgrooming
  • Nail trim/husbandry training
  • Carrier training
  • Enrichment ideas
  • Understanding cat’s needs and behavior
  • Setting up a safe environment
  • Providing opportunities for predatory behavior
  • Understanding cat’s sense of smell and use of pheromones

$175/1 hour

Separation Anxiety 

Dogs with separation anxiety become anxious and panic when left alone.
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Common indicators are:

  • Destruction of home – rugs, furniture, doors/windows, molding around exit points
  • Constant howling, barking or crying, often resulting in neighbors complaining
  • Potty accidents, when your dog is normally housebroken
  • Self-injury, often from chewing or digging
  • Refusal to eat
  • Pacing
  • Drooling
  • Inability to settle

The Family Dog Program 

Package of 6 1-hour live online video sessions plus online program.
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Got School Aged Kids AND a Dog?  You need Family Training!

Parenting kids AND a dog together is NOT easy!  Families need specialized training tailor-made just for them.  And that’s EXACTLY what we offer. This program includes 6, one hour video sessions involving your whole family, lifetime access to an exclusive online family training program with videos and weekly homework.

Schedule first one hour session and additional ones will be booked later.

(Not for fearful/aggressive dogs)

$1200/6 1-hour live video sessions + online program