VIP Dog Boarding


Trusted care for boarding special needs dogs and pampered pups!

Leaving your dog when you have to travel can be stressful, for you and your dog! Believe me, in 3 decades of dog ownership, I’ve never once boarded my dogs at a kennel.

And if your dog has special needs or is just used to be pampered, this can cause you extra anxiety trying to find safe, knowledgeable care for your beloved family member. I can help you and alleviate your stress about leaving your furry friend behind when you need to by providing safe, trusted care in my home for special needs dogs. 

Don’t you both deserve a worry-free vacation?

With a professional behavior consultant boarding your loved one, you can rest assured knowing they are being cared for and handled using only humane, rewards-based behavior principles based on compassion, respect, and scientific evidence, so you can leave without worry or guilt. 

If you are an existing pre-approved client or interested in my VIP Boarding, here is the process:


What is VIP Boarding and what types of dogs is it meant for?

VIP Boarding is a premier service where your dog will stay in our home, as part of our family. It is tailored for dogs who may not be good candidates for traditional boarding kennels or for dogs whose parents want them to be spoiled with one-on-one care in the care of a multi-credentialed and certified dog behavior consultant and trainer. Dogs who may struggle with other dogs (reactivity), with strangers, fearful or shy dogs, anxious dogs, dogs who have separation-related issues (separation anxiety), seniors, dogs with other special needs or just very spoiled pooches are possible candidates for VIP Boarding. 

Do you take dogs who are uncomfortable with strangers?

It depends. If your dog can be comfortable in our home, with myself and my husband, then it’s possible. I can do a very good job managing your dog and keeping them safe and under threshold (limiting walks or other activities if needed) but I will not take a dog that is clearly distressed being in my home. Initially I’ll review your dog’s history on your intake form. If I think your dog may be a good fit for VIP Boarding then we’ll do the initial boarding in-person meeting. Depending on how that goes, I may require a trial stay 2-4 days to see how your dog really is with us prior to your actual VIP Stay.

Do you take dogs with separation anxiety?

Possibly. As a certified separation anxiety trainer, I understand the importance of suspending absences and keeping your dog safe and comfortable. If your dog cannot be left alone, I can often accommodate stays, but there is an increased cost associated with these dogs, due to the additional special accommodations that need to be made for your dog.

How many dogs do you take at a time?

I only take one dog at a time, or up to 2 dogs from the same household, as long as they do not have any aggression issues with each other and have lived together for at least 6 months prior to the boarding dates. Each dog requires their own Boarding Intake Form to be completed.

How far out do you typically book?

For new clients, I suggest planning on at least 2-3 months in advance to allow time for the onboarding process. I am unable to accomodate last minute boarding requests for new clients. I need time to review your intake form, schedule your boarding assessment and possibly do a trial stay.

For returning VIP guests, I can sometimes accommodate sooner dates but please remember holidays and other peak times book far in advance.

Do you offer drop-off or pick-up services?

We can discuss this during our boarding assessment meeting but drop-off or pick-up services may be available for an additional charge if you are in Wilmington NC or the surrounding area.

Do you take puppies?

At this time, I am only able to take fully house trained dogs (I understand accidents may happen during times of transition or with seniors) but my VIP Boarding is NOT board and train so I am unable to take puppies who are not fully housebroken.

Do you administer medication?

I am able to administer oral or topical medications.

What if there is an emergency?

If your dog has a medical emergency or something that I think needs veterinary attention, I will attempt to contact you or your vet to determine a course of action. If I am unable to contact you, or if it emergent, I will take your dog to the nearest emergency clinic for treatment.

What are your credentials? Are you insured?

My education and credentials are listed here. And you can learn all about me here. I am also insured.