Education and Credentials

My Commitment to Learning 

Dog training is unregulated.  It’s important to know the credentials, certifications and education your trainer has.  Here is a list of my credentials, education, certifications and continuing education.  I’m happy to explain or clarify any of these and why they’re important.

My Credentials

  • Bachelor of Science –The University of the State of New York at Stony Brook/Regents College
  • Certificate in Training and Counseling, CTC with Honors – The Academy for Dog Trainers (under the mentorship of Jean Donaldson)
  • CBCC-KA (Certified Behavior Consultant Canine-Knowledge Assessed) – Certification Council for Pet Dog Trainers (CCPDT) (only one of three in all of Connecticut)
  • PCBC-A (Professional Canine Behavior Consultant) –  Pet Professional Accreditation Board (only one of less than 20 worldwide)
  • CSAT (Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer)
  • Fear Free Elite Certified Professional
  • Certified AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator – CGC, Star Puppy, Community Canine and Urban CGC
  • Family Paws Parent Educator
  • The Family Dog Private Trainer (including all educational and bite prevention programs for schools)

Transparency in Dog Training

Dog training is an unregulated industry, so in the US, there are no legal or educational requirements to be a trainer.  There is no consumer protection and no recourse if someone hurts or makes your dog’s problem worse. That’s why it is so important that while you’re searching for a trainer that you know who you will be entrusting your furry family member to. Ask questions and demand transparency.  I vow to be completely transparent with my answers and methods, as I have nothing to hide.


  • Pet Professional Guild (PPG) – full member
  • Bright and Beautiful Certified Therapy Dog team with my rescue dog, BooBoo
  • Referral Trainer for Delhi The Street Dog Foundation
  • Referral Trainer for Westchester SPCA
  • Referral and Staff Trainer for Gotham Veterinary Center
  • Member of Pet Professional Guild’s Shelter and Rescue Committee
  • Certified Pet First Aid and CPR – American Safety and Health Institute
  • Red Rover Emergency Responder
  • Previous Staff Trainer for Animal Haven
  • Previous Trainer for NJ Chapter of Pets for Vets

Continuing Education

The Emotional World of Dogs: New Insights into Behavior and Training with Dr. Daniel Mills

Fearful Dogs (Debbie Jacobs) seminar

Living and Learning with Animals with Dr. Susan Friedman, PhD.

AcademyFest seminar with Jean Donaldson at Tony LaRussa’s Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF)

Diploma in Personal Nutrition with Distinction – The Shaw Academy

How Mothers Matter: The Influence of Early Maternal Interaction on Offspring Behavior and Development

Update on the Science Behind CBD (Cannabidiol) Use for Pets

Dog Bite Prevention Week Webinar Summit

Fear Free Certification Program

Understanding Medical Conditions and Pain

Feline Destructive Scratching Solutions

Human Directed Feline Aggression

Infectious Diseases: What Trainers Need To Know

Presenter at Wold Dog Expo 2018: Socialization and Counterconditioning in a Shelter environment

Presenter at Animal Haven: Bringing Home Baby: Preparing Your Dog For Your Human Arrival

iCatCare: Getting to know your cat – An Introduction To Feline Behavior

Nailed It: Canine Nail Course

How To Muzzle Train Your Dog

Leave It For Leash Reactivity