Educational Presentations

Dog Bite Prevention Programs

These programs are designed for schools, scouting troops, church groups, summer camps, after-school programs or anywhere there are groups of children.  Teachers, principals or administrators should contact us for detailed information and to discuss the program that would be most appropriate.  While most bite prevention programs focus on what to do when a stray or aggressive dog approaches a child, these programs represent a whole new take on dog safety. With 50% of children bitten by the time they are 12 years old, and 77% of all bites coming from the family or a friend’s dog, the importance of teaching kids how to behave safely around the dogs they spend time with cannot be understated. Developed by The Family Dog, these two programs are both simple, fun and interactive and focus on teaching kids how to stay safe with and respect the dogs they know and love.  These programs are a win-win – not only are we keeping kids safe, but we’re saving dogs by keeping them out of shelters, too

I Speak Doggie – a program designed specifically for preschool-aged kids, brings fun and energy into educating some of the tiniest members of our community about the right way
to behave around dogs. The aim of the program is to increase appropriate child-dog interactions in order to decrease the incidences of stress (for both kids and dogs) and the bites that can follow.  The program runs about 40 minutes long and uses a music video to get this important message across with lyrics that are so catchy kids (and adults!) keep singing about dog safety long after the workshop is over.  Plus, the children get to practice the right way to pet a dog which makes them feel more comfortable and empowered.



Dog Stars – a program designed specifically for elementary school-aged kids, aims to increase appropriate child-dog interactions in order to decrease the amount of stress that dogs can feel around children and the bites that could follow.  The program is simple yet  comprehensive and really entertaining for the kids.  They get to watch videos and play games that help them really understand dogs, and then take home colorful, interactive handouts to help educate their parents too.   The program runs 30-40 minutes long and uses games and music videos with catchy lyrics to get this important message across.

Dog & Child Safety and Preparation Programs

Expecting parents have a lot on their minds as they prepare for a new baby—the baby’s health, mom’s health, setting up the nursery and all the enormous life changes on the horizon.   But for expecting parents with dogs in the household, there are additional concerns: Who will care for their dog during delivery? How will he respond to the baby? Will it be safe? Will he need to rehomed? Are there things they could be doing now to avoid trouble and heartbreak later and build a harmonious family life with dog and baby together?

These programs are designed for groups of expecting parents and are great to be hosted by birthing professionals including OB/GYN offices, doulas, midwives, hospital prep classes, parenting prep classes, libraries, HR departments, insurance companies or any other group where expecting parents can attend.

  • The Dogs & Storks® program prepares families with dogs for life with baby
  • The Dogs & Toddlers® program prepares families with dogs for life with toddlers

These programs, designed by Family Paws Parent Education (FPPE), answer questions and provide solutions for expecting and new parents and typically run about 2 hours with the presentation and Q&A.  Since 2002 the Dogs & Storks® program has helped countless families safely and happily introduce their beloved dog to their new baby.  Rescued By Training is a licensed presenter for both FPPE programs.

The goal of these programs is to guide families and help the community to:

  • Increase infant and child safety around dogs
  • Decrease stress and anxiety for new parents who already have dogs
  • Increase successful dog/child relationships and family harmony
  • Decrease the number of dogs surrendered to shelters each year because of changes at home
  • Increase awareness of the importance of learning about dog communication and behavior
  • Decrease bites to young children due to lack of knowledge of dog communication and behavior

Birthing professionals, medical administrators, corporate HR departments, public space coordinators, librarians or other interested parties should contact us for detailed information and to discuss the program that would be most appropriate.