Trainer to trainer consulting services

Are you a professional trainer struggling with a specific client or case? Did a recent case not have the outcome you were hoping for? Are you unsure of how to approach similar cases moving forward so your outcomes may be different? I can help you by:

Being someone who implicitly understands the difficulties of working with complex cases and clients

Reviewing, analyzing, and providing feedback on your existing training and behavior plans for clients

Offering guidance to help you navigate, streamline, and clarify your communications with clients, veterinarians, and other parties relevant to a given case

Reviewing, analyzing, and providing feedback on your workflow processes for potential efficiency improvements

Strategizing options for behavioral modification and training procedures, case by case, to help you provide efficient services to your clients

Reviewing, analyzing, and providing feedback on your client-facing notes, summaries, handouts, and similar materials

Providing non-judgmental, empathetic support for complex cases, challenging clients, and uncertainties about specific skills

Reviewing, analyzing and providing feedback on whether to accept or refer a particular case

What sets me apart from other trainers offering similar services?

As a multi-credentialed, certified behavior consultant and professional dog trainer, specializing in fear and aggression, I’ve helped over 2,400 dogs overcome issues their guardians thought were impossible – fear of strangers, separation anxiety, resource guarding, growling at toddlers and more. With almost a decade of professional experience and over 7,100 hours of hands-on training fearful dogs, I have the relevant experience to help you help your clients navigate these same behavioral challenges and to help hone your training plans and communications to empower you with confidence to better handle these cases moving forward.


My trainer to trainer services may help you with:


Your existing training and behavior plans for clients


Non-judgmental, empathetic support for complex cases and challenging clients


Communications with clients, veterinarians, and other parties


Options for efficient behavioral modification and training procedures


Analyzing and determining whether to accept or refer a particular case


Potential efficiency improvements for workflow processes



I can’t wait to learn more about you, your business, and how I can help you with what struggles you have working with your clients, whether it’s honing your communications, reviewing your training plans, helping with particular case types, improving client commitment and results with more efficient training plans, or providing non-judgmental, empathetic support for complex cases and challenging clients. I am here for you.

Having a trusted colleague to discuss cases, review plans and options for behavior modification can be an invaluable resource to help you stay at the top of your game in this challenging industry when things get difficult. And I know things do get difficult. Knowing you are approaching your cases with the utmost preparedness and learning from previous cases that potentially could have had different outcomes, gives you the confidence you need to take on cases that may have scared you off in the past. And, having this additional support gives your clients support they don’t even know they’re getting.

Whether you just want help on a case here and there or whether you are looking for a more long-term relationship, I am here to help.

Don’t you and your clients deserve that?

My offerings provide you with sessions for training support when you need it.

No commitments. No programs you’re locked into. Whatever you need, when you need it.

Are you ready to work together?


Let’s get started.

There are a few flexible options to work with me:

Initial Case Consult or Detailed Follow Up for Existing Case (1 hour video session)

This one hour session is ideal for us to initially discuss your case, whether you are in process, about to begin or have completed it but would like feedback on what could have been done differently. We will review history, training plans, communication, and other important parts of your trainer-client relationship to identify and isolate areas for improvement and make adjustments together.

This session can also be used as a follow-up session for a case we’ve already discussed if you have a lot of details or questions to review. 



Follow-Up Session (30 minute video session)

This is for a brief follow-up session on an existing case we have already discussed only. Please do not book this session for new cases or clients we have yet to discuss.

We can discuss training plan adjustments, safety, management and enrichment, how your session went, client compliance and homework, any new changes or developments in the case, review short video clips from your session or just meet to give you the emotional support and encouragement you need if you’re feeling unsure or discouraged.



What I do not currently offer services for:

I know there are many facets of your business that are intertwined but I am not currently offering support services in areas of graphics, marketing, including social media, email or newsletter building, ideal client avatar, advertising or anything under the marketing/business development umbrella. There are plenty of excellent marketing professionals, many of whom have formal educations and degrees and out of respect for them and staying in my own lane, I defer to their expertise.

I also do not provide any of my branded, proprietary handouts or training plans as part of my trainer to trainer services. I may show you my plans or handouts as an example during our meetings but they are not provided for your use with your own clients.