Online Booking Now Available!

COVID-19 is impacting every industry, and dog training is no exception.  I’ve moved all my sessions and educational presentations online via Zoom, Skype, Facetime or by phone sessions.  And I’ve added the option for you to self-book to schedule sessions.  BOOK HERE!

I’ve also added a new offering, which I mentioned in my last blog post, but in an effort to ensure new puppy parents have all the tools they need, I’ve added a discounted new puppy session for only $50!  Learn how best to socialize your puppy during this pandemic, get enrichment ideas, best practices for house training, crate training guidance, how to deal with puppy mouthing, chew training, body handling, resource guarding prevention and anything else you want to chat about in our hour session.  Share this with your friends, shelters and rescues.  Puppies are going to be missing out on key socialization with everything being shuttered so it’s important to get all the information you can before you have a fearful adult dog on your hands.  Remember, as my mentor Jean Donaldson said, “Heavy socialization is the single smartest investment you can make in a dog.”  So book your session today!

And if you don’t have a puppy but still need help (and let’s face it, most of us are home with our dog more – great opportunity for more training!), here’s a list of remote training options:

  • Fear and Aggression (new and existing clients) – help with fearful dogs, stranger danger, resource guarding, body handling, dog with baby/toddler issues, vet/grooming phobias.
  • Pre-Baby Prep – helping you help your dog be prepared before your baby arrives
  • New Dog/Pre-Adoption Counseling – helping set you and your future dog up for success or troubleshooting your new dog settling in
  • Foundation Skill Training – focusing on training the skills needed for AKC CGC or therapy dog certification (doesn’t include certification)
  • Basic Obedience – puppy or new dog basic skills
  • Whole Family Dog Training – training for the whole family (including school aged kids) and your new dog
  • Cat Consults – address common cat behavioral issues
  • Puppy Socialization During COVID-19 SPECIAL OFFERING– for puppies age 16 weeks and under

And stay tuned for more news later this week!

Happy Training! Looking forward to connecting (remotely!) with you soon!



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