9 Requests On Behalf Of Your Dog


If your dog could talk, he’d have a lot of requests.  And I bet you’d be a little surprised at how simple some of those things are.  So I’m here, begging you on his behalf.  And I hope you’ll listen.

9  Requests, From Me, On Behalf Of Your Dog:

Please don’t use any scary, painful, aversive training methods.  This means no dominance, no yelling, no leash corrections and certainly no prong, choke or shock collars. Not only are they outdated but science shows us they’re not the most effective way to train and make things like fear and aggression worse.





Don’t punish me for communicating when I’m scared.  If I growl or bark, it’s because I’m already upset in a situation.  Yelling at me isn’t going to help me feel better in that situation.






If I’m afraid of strangers, please don’t have them hand feed me This isn’t helping me learn strangers are safe because they have to get into my personal space to hand feed me and that’s really scary.





Don’t put me in scary situations “just to see what happens” or how I respond.  That doesn’t help me learn the world is safe.






Let me eat, sleep, chew in peace without being poked, prodded, interrupted, touched or having my stuff taken away.






Teach children boundaries and how to safely and appropriately interact with me.  Don’t expect me to just put up with whatever kids do to me.






Learn to speak my language and educate yourself about dog body language.  You need to speak my language if you’re going to be able to know when I’m feeling unsafe or feeling happy.






Spend quality time with me.  I am only part of your world but you are my whole world.  Doing activities is more important than having lots of yard space.  Sure a yard is nice and convenient for you to be able to let me out in, but it’s really more of a toilet to me.  I’d much rather go and explore with you by my side.





Help prepare me before a baby arrives.  Don’t just expect me to be “fine.” And after a baby arrives, please remember to carve out dedicated time with me like we used to before there were kids.  Every so often I’d love a one on one outing like we used to have.





If you need help with any behavior issue or if you are expecting a baby or moving into toddlerhood, you can schedule your session here!

Happy training!

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