My Top Gear Choices – The Dog Trainer’s Toolkit

Written by Kate LaSala

February 16, 2021


I won’t lie: there is no substitute for quality training and behavior modification. BUT, there are a lot of ways to manage and prevent problem behaviors so that our dogs stop practicing doing the wrong thing, right away. Every time your dog does the wrong thing (like dragging you to lunge at another dog on-leash or bark like Cujo through the window at the mailman), he’s getting better and better at doing the wrong thing. He’s practicing it. And we all know the saying: Practice makes perfect!  We need to shift our focus from punishing out the bad behaviors to making bad behaviors impossible. And the right gear can do just that to help get you some immediate relief.  You can see my top gear choices with links and descriptions to instantly make life with your dog easier by downloading The Dog Trainer’s Toolkit today!

If you need one on one help, set up a session today!

Happy training!


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