Bringing Home Baby To Dog Course Is Here!


Today I’m thrilled to share that my new self-paced course, Bringing Home Baby: Preparing Dog and Family For A New Human Baby, is now available! This has been many months in the making and I am so excited to be able to finally share it with you.

This course is packed with quality content. The course contains 18 self-paced modules with videos, images and my narration that covers all the topics you need to help get yourself, your home and your dog ready for your new human arrival.

If you’re like most expecting parents, you may be a little worried about how your first baby, your dog, will respond to your new human baby.  You’re hoping everything will go perfectly but are still worried about how to meet everyone’s needs and keep everyone safe and happy. Maybe you’re getting lots of advice from others and you don’t know what to listen to or how to navigate these big upcoming life changes. Well-meaning friends and family often offer up advice and you don’t know who to listen to. While well-intentioned, most guidance can be wrong or even make things worse. I know how confusing it can be. That’s why I’ve created this course: to help you prepare your dog and your household for all the upcoming changes so everyone – the humans and the dog – are set up to be successful, safe and happy.

The course also includes downloadable resources that complement all the information in the modules.  And there’s bonuses, additional resources and graduates are welcome to join a private Facebook support group exclusively for my online course participants and graduates.

What do you get in this course? Check out the course page for full details:

  • 18 Modules, including over 3 dozen, in-depth training videos to show you exactly how and what to train
  • Enrichment videos with DIY and store-bought examples to keep your dog engaged and using all his skills
  • Downloads and additional resources, including 3 dozen training plans and other relevant handouts
  • Incremental, proven training plans
  • Membership in a private Facebook community with scheduled office hours coaching sessions with Kate
  • A special discounted rate on one private video session

Naturally, a self paced course isn’t a replacement for one on one training, but, for clients who want to get started on their own before investing in one on one training, who might be a little more DIY, who are budget conscious or who want to get a taste of what training entails, this is a great course to help you on your way.  Ready to join?  Access the Bringing Home Baby: Preparing Dog and Family For A New Human Baby course today!

Note, while this course isn’t intended for dogs who have a known fear of children, if you are expecting a baby, you will still get very valuable information from it on how to prepare your home for the challenges of living with dog and baby.

Happy training!




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