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Welcome to Bringing Home Baby: Preparing Dog and Family For A New Human Baby!


I’m so glad you’re here.

If you’re anything like most expectant parents, you may be a little worried about how your first baby, your dog, will respond to your new human baby.  You’re hoping everything will go perfectly but are still worried about how to meet everyone’s needs and keep everyone safe and happy. Maybe you’re getting lots of advice from others and you don’t know what to listen to or how to navigate these big upcoming life changes. Well-meaning friends and family often offer up advice and you don’t know who to listen to. While well-intentioned, most guidance can be wrong or even make things worse. I know how confusing it can be. That’s why I’ve created this course: to help you prepare your dog and your household for all the upcoming changes so everyone – the humans and the dog – are set up to be successful, safe and happy. Enjoy!

Course Content

MODULE 1 - Introduction & Course Outline
Module 2 - Dog Training Methods
Module 3 - Dog Body Language and Communication
Module 4 - Modeling Behavior
Module 5 - Dog Senses
Module 6 - Attention Seeking Behavior
Module 7 - What To Train
Module 8 - The Importance of Inclusion
Module 9 - Practice Prepares Everyone
Module 10 - Importance of Enrichment
Module 11 - Separation and Supervision
Module 12 - Before Baby’s Arrival
Module 13 - Realistic Expectation Setting
Module 14 - Your First Days Home
Module 15 - Sleeping Arrangements
Module 16 - Dog and Parent Time
Module 17 - Family Bonding Time
Module 18 - Bonuses & Additional Resources