Top 5 Blog Posts


I recently shared my 100th blog post. To help celebrate this milestone, I dug into my site stats to see what resonates with you, my clients, my readers. Here is a recap for you of my top 5 most visited posts:

  1. Decompression: 9 Ways To Help Your New Dog Adjust To A New Life
  2. 4 Things To Do Instead of Hugging Your Dog
  3. Five Suggestions That Won’t Help Separation Anxiety (and might make it worse)
  4. Noelle’s Story: A Doggie Boot Camp Victim
  5. What To Do When Your Dog Growls

What I love about these blogs and what they tell me, is that people are looking for good information. They’re looking to do better, to educate themselves, to help their dogs live more comfortable, safer lives. And I love that.

Let’s work together this year and help you and your dog succeed.  You can schedule a session so we can review things in more detail.

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Happy training!

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