Top 5 Blog Posts of 2023 (so far)

Today I’m recapping a (slightly late) mid-year review of my top 5 most visited posts from this year, so far:

  1. Is Your Reactive Dog Fearful, Aggressive, Excited Or Frustrated?
  2. Sociability and Social Maturity In Dogs
  3. 5 Myths About Shock Collars
  4. Train Manners And Life Skills Not Obedience
  5. Let Your Dog Sniff!

What I love about these blogs and what they tell me, is that you are looking for good information. You are looking to do better, to educate yourself, to help your dogs live more comfortable, safer lives. And I absolutely love that.

Let’s continue to work together and help you and your dog succeed.  You can schedule a session so we can review things in more detail. Be sure to sign up for my free weekly newsletter so you don’t miss out on free tips, videos, personal stories, client successes and more!

Happy training!

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