My Top 6 Management Strategies (free download)

Written by Kate LaSala

April 6, 2021


There is no substitute for quality training and behavior modification but there are a lot of management strategies to manage or overcome unexpected situations when they occur so your dog isn’t practicing doing the wrong thing. Sometimes having the right gear can be a help and you can see my top gear choices with links and descriptions to instantly make life with your dog easier by downloading The Dog Trainer’s Toolkit!  But today I’m releasing my Training In The Real World, a free guide with my top 6 strategies for dealing with unexpected situations when your training isn’t quite up to par yet.

For example, you bought the no-pull harness that was recommended and you set out on a walk, confident you’re ready to tackle the world until you round a tight corner and suddenly you’re nose to nose with that dog in the neighborhood that always gets your dog riled up. Suddenly, that harness isn’t doing the trick and your dog is barking, lunging and making a huge scene.

What now?

Well, that is when a management strategy is your best friend: when your dog isn’t quite ready for the messy real-world. I have some clients who think of their walks as a video game and these strategies are their action moves. Which ones will you deploy today to help your dog win the game?

Download your copy today.  And, if you need one on one help, set up a session!

Happy training!


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