Packages & Services


Fear and Aggression

Is your dog shut down and afraid of the world?  Does your dog bark at strangers or worse, try to bite them?  Does your dog stop eating or growl at you when you approach his food bowl?  Does he try to bite when you try to take away the bone he’s chomping on?  Does your dog snarl at you when you try to clip her nails?  Is your dog afraid of your new baby or toddler?  We can help!

We help your dog learn to feel safe and secure and teach them to love having their nails trimmed or having their stuff taken away! We can help increase their confidence and work on behavior modification for problems such as body handling, food, resource and location guarding.

Initial 2-hour phone consult is $250 with additional 1 hour phone sessions at $100 each or online video sessions at $150.  Initial consult includes a complete assessment, training plan, recommendations and one month of follow-up email support for the initial training plan. 

Puppy Socialization During A Pandemic & Info Session

This is for puppies under the age of 16 weeks only. This session provides an opportunity for us to discuss how best to socialize your puppy, provide you with enrichment ideas, best practices for house training, crate training guidance, how to deal with puppy mouthing, chew training, body handling, resource guarding prevention and includes over a dozen puppy relevant handouts.
1-hour phone consult is only $100 and includes over a dozen handouts.

Pre-Baby Prep

This is specialized training for expectant parents to help prepare your dog for the arrival of a little human.  As a licensed Family Paws Parent Educator, I’m uniquely qualified to help families prepare their dog for your addition!

Expecting parents have a lot on their minds as they prepare for a new baby—the baby’s health, mom’s health, setting up the nursery and all the enormous life changes on the horizon.   But for expecting parents with dogs in the household, there are additional concerns: Who will care for their dog during delivery? How will he respond to the baby? Will it be safe? Will he need to rehomed? Are there things they could be doing now to avoid trouble and heartbreak later and build a harmonious family life with dog and baby together?

We help your family take proactive steps to increase infant and child safety around dogs, decrease stress and anxiety for new parents who already have dogs, increase successful dog/child relationships and family harmony, decrease the number of dogs surrendered to shelters each year because of changes at home, increase awareness of the importance of learning about dog communication and behavior and decrease bites to young children due to lack of knowledge of dog communication and behavior.

Initial 2-hour online video consult is $250 with additional 1 hour phone sessions at $100 each or online video sessions at $150. Initial consult includes a complete assessment, personalized training plan to help prepare your dog for baby, homework, enrichment recommendations and an assortment of dog/baby handouts.  

Basic Obedience

Adding a new dog to your household?  Adult or puppy, we can help get your dog housetrained, chew trained and fluent with basic obedience behaviors like sit, down, stay, leave it, wait at doors, and coming when called. For puppies we also have an extensive list of important socialization experiences and aggression prevention that we work through to help your dog grow up to be a social and friendly adult.

We can also help correct nuisance behaviors like pulling on leash, play biting, jumping up, begging at the table, chewing the wrong items and excessive barking.  And, we can help enrich your dog’s life with good problems to solve to help burn some mental energy to help tired him out. Remember the old saying, a tired dog is a good dog!

Initial phone consult is $100 for a one hour phone session and includes relevant handouts, age appropriate guidance, information on socialization, dog play and best practices for setting your new dog up for success in your home.  Additional 1 hour video sessions are $150. Drop off day training is $250/hr.  4 hour training and socialization blocks are $450 and include offsite socialization as needed, enrichment, supervised separation training and more!  If this option is appropriate for your dog, it will be discussed during your initial consult.

Got Kids AND a Dog?  You need Family Training!

We know that taking on the mega-job of parenting kids AND a dog together is NOT easy!  Families need specialized training tailor-made just for them.  And that’s EXACTLY what we offer.

Our Family Dog Private Training program is customized to get EVERYONE involved. You’ll get all the tools and support you need to get your kids on board, your dog in check and the whole family playing for the same team! It’s fun, effective and 100% positive!

We’ll provide:

    • Master ONE totally achievable training skill every week
    • Put your new skills to use in YOUR home – where you need it most!
    • Involve your WHOLE family in the training – YES! Kids too.
    • Play training games that make learning FUN!
    • The parents’ program has all the most important skills for raising kids and a dog together
    • The kids’ program is a “Special Agent Center” where they’ll have so much fun they won’t even know they’re learning!
    • AND there’s even “in a nutshell” videos to help keep grandparents and nannies on the same page.
    • Stay on track with a recap of your session
    • Watch videos that coach you through the skills you’ve learned
    • Feel confident that you’re on the right path!

So whether you want to get ahead of the game or you’re struggling to keep your head above water, our family dog private training program has EVERYTHING you need to look like a PRO in your new role, and actually ENJOY doing it.

Please note this package is not for dogs who have any fear, aggression of behavior “‘problems” other than normal puppy issues like play biting, house soiling, etc.

Family Training (6 live online video sessions) and the on-demand online program is $1200 for one dog.  Day training option is 6 drop off sessions, plus 1 transfer session and online access to the program for $2000.  Package is  non-refundable and must be used within 3 months from initial payment.

New Dog/Pre-Adoption/Purchase Counseling

We are here to help you get started off on the right paw!  Our New Dog phone consult session will help you get started with all the right management tools, enrichment guidance and information to ensure you and your new pup are set up for success from the beginning.  We can help answer any questions you may have about integrated your new dog into your home, whether this is your first dog or you’re a seasoned dog owner.  Learn all the things to do and not to do in those critical first days and weeks.

New dog counseling is $100 for a one hour phone session and includes relevant handouts, age appropriate guidance, information on socialization, dog play and best practices for setting your new dog up for success in your home.

Foundation Skill Training for AKC Canine Good Citizen & Therapy Dog Training and Certification

If getting your dog certified as an AKC Canine Good Citizen, we can help train for the requirements that are part of the CGC Evaluation.  This is great preparation if you are thinking about training your dog as a therapy dog.

  • Accepting A Friendly Stranger
  • Sitting Politely for Petting
  • Appearance and Grooming
  • Out for a Walk (walking on a loose lead)
  • Walking Through a Crowd
  • Sit and Down on Command and Staying in Place
  • Coming When Called
  • Reaction to Another Dog
  • Reaction to Distraction
  • Supervised Separation

Your dog must have solid basic skills for this training including sit, down, stay, leave it, loose leash walking.  You will be asked to provide proof of successful previous basic training either privately or in a group setting.  If your dog does not have these skills, please register for Basic Obedience training first.  One hour online video sessions are $150.

Cat Consultation

One hour phone session to help you address common cat behavioral issues including human-directed aggression, cat-cat housemate issues, anxiety or fear related issues, litterbox issues, urine-marking, inappropriate scratching, excessive vocalization, nighttime activity, PICA, cat-dog issues or integration and overgrooming.

Phone consults are prepaid and are 60 minutes ($100)  and includes a remote assessment, history review, training plan, relevant handouts, management protocols, recommendations and two weeks of follow-up email support for the initial training plan (where you send me short video clips via text or Dropbox for review).  

Learn more about online training.