How Does Remote Training Work?

How Can You Help My Dog With Distance Training?

Distance training can be a very successful, cost-effective and convenient way to get personalized training!  Get help for your dog without leaving the comfort of your home.  But it can feel weird to people to not have someone in person, so here’s how it works.  You can also read my recent blog post about it here.

How to prepare for our session:

  • Book your appointment using our ONLINE SCHEDULER.
  • All sessions must be prepaid.
  • Block out uninterrupted time for our session, whether via phone or video.
  • Ahead of our session, please check your internet connection, microphone and camera, if we’re doing a video session.
  • You will receive an email with any attachments ahead of our meeting.  Please have access to these during our session.

What we cover:

  • During the initial session, we review the complete history from the registration form you’ve completed, discuss what you’ve tried, what has worked and what hasn’t
  • Review how dogs learn and how we use this to modify behavior or teach new behaviors
  • Discuss your goals
  • Review your dog’s prognosis and discuss the factors that affect it
  • Implement management strategies and discuss training plans
  • Discuss if a meds consult or vet referral is needed for your case
  • Review the attachments/handouts sent to you
  • Set up follow up session or discuss the plan for scheduling
  • For follow-up sessions we will review and track your progress, discuss any sticking points and make necessary adjustments to the training plan.  For video sessions you will also be coached on your mechanics and/or watch Kate demo with one of her dogs or a stuffed demo dog so you can see the proper mechanics or be provided videos showing examples.

After your session:

  • You will receive a recommended shopping list along with any additional handouts, training plans and homework
  • You will send us updates via email or sometimes videos via text so they can be reviewed
  • You will practice the homework assigned and provide updates via email

What’s it look like?  Here’s some video clips from recent sessions:

11 year old training go to bed cue with her dog
Wait at doorway

Not sure if remote training works?  Read these testimonials from some of our distance clients!

Kate has gone over and above with her help with our fearful and anxious boy, Fergus. We were a little apprehensive in using remote training, but now we have no qualms about it. The training tools and advice have all given positive results, and we’ve seen a huge positive change for our boy. Kate always goes the extra mile, checking in regularly and always available for a quick consult should a situation arise that we need a little help with I very highly recommend Rescued by Training!! (from Google)

Kim S. & Fergus, Rochester NY (remote client)

Kate was awesome! My husband and I were having problems with our puppy suddenly displaying crate aggression. All of the local dog trainers were booked in our area and we were referred to Kate from out of state! Kate had a long conversation with my husband and I over the phone to get a better understanding of what we needed assistance with.

She took the time to really understand our lifestyle, what training we had previously done, etc. Kate immediately gave us advice to begin to retrain our puppy.    We kept in constant communication via text, sending videos of progress, etc. to ensure we were following the correct steps.

Kate always checked in with us and encouraged us along the way. It was so powerful to see how distance didn’t have any impact on Kate’s ability to help us get our sweet loving little girl back 😊

Jamie B. & Luna, Rochester NY (remote client)

We are first time pet owners who brought in a 9 week puppy home. We did a one hour session with Kate by phone – absolutely recommend to anyone with a little puppy. Excellent tips, simply explained and the fact that she started always from the underlying psyche of dogs – I felt a whole lot more confident. We were struggling with my pups play biting and her tips made such a difference in just one day! Thank you Kate!

Deepa G. & Jimbo, NJ, remote client (Google)

Recently I was contacted to help with a very fearful 100 lb dog. As a recent graduate it was my first “big dog” case in fear and aggression. I wanted to be sure my training plan was perfect and consulted Kate. She listened to all the information I had, gently nudged me out of some wrong decisions and replaced them with correct ones and I took the whole thing to the owner. The dog is thriving and the owners are thrilled. Kate’s experience, training methods and knowledge = very lucky dogs (and owners) that employ her help whether local or like me, long distance.

Kathryn B, trainer, NY (Google)

We are first time pet owners who brought in a 9 week puppy home. We did a one hour session with Kate by phone – absolutely recommend to anyone with a little puppy. Excellent tips, simply explained and the fact that she started always from the underlying psyche of dogs – I felt a whole lot more confident. We were struggling with my pups play biting and her tips made such a difference in just one day! Thank you Kate!

Deepa G. & Jimbo, Summit, NJ, remote client (Google)

Kate went above and beyond to help us with our dog, Honey. We rescued Honey but after being with us for about a month, Honey began biting people entering our home. Kate e-mailed, texted and was on the phone with us continuously during this incredibly stressful time. We ultimately had to surrender Honey back to the rescue, but Kate’s calm advice and constant handholding throughout this traumatic process was a godsend. Kate was incredibly thorough in laying out what training and treatment would look like and the time commitment, but she was also honest about Honey’s prognosis. The incredibly difficult decision to return Honey was made easier for us with Kate’s guidance. I would highly recommend Kate and would gladly give her more than 5 stars if I could!

Lisa S. & Honey, Summit NJ, remote client (Google)

Kate is always on point when I need guidance to help my feral guy Bert! Because of her approach in training, I’ve been able to win Bert’s trust more easily. He’s such a happy and smart boy! Thank you Kate for always being there for us!

Joanne L. & Bert, NJ (remote client)

I rescued one year old pit bull mix Yeti from the local SPCA at the end of March 2020. The first year of his life was a mystery, as he was a stray. Several weeks after I adopted Yeti, he began to demonstrate odd, rather aggressive behavior. A local trainer recommended Kate. Though I was skeptical about a training session via Zoom, after our first session with Kate, Yeti and I had learned a lot. Kate was patient and encouraging during the session and follow up sessions. Kate is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to all things dogs. She helped me to find an appropriate daycare for Yeti, suggested unique ways to feed him (via snuffle mat), and reinforced the fact that dogs can and should be taught to respond through positive communication. Yeti will do just about anything for a treat! This makes our training time together fun, calm, and drama free. Kate can and will help you…even from a distance!

Karen J. & Yeti, Ithaca, NY, remote client (Google)

Kate was extremely helpful, thoughtful, and compassionate during a time of high stress and major life choices when our infant was added to the mix. Kate provides thorough information and meaningful discussion that helped us make the best choice for our family. She was realistic and gave options which I really appreciated!! Even after our consultation, Kate continued to follow up because she cared without any monetary incentive which I appreciated above everything else. She was a huge support and I cannot thank her enough. I want to refer anyone and everyone to her. THANK YOU KATE!!!!

Megan C. & Twix, Rochester NY, remote client (Google)

Kate has been incredibly helpful and supportive as she has worked with me to manage my rescue dog Bo’s fearfulness and separation anxiety. She’s offered me effective strategies to implement to help him be the happiest possible version of himself. Her knowledge and expertise are second to none. I highly recommend Kate and Rescued by Training!

Lori T. & Bo, MD, remote client (Google)

Kate is SUPER. Her high knowledge alongside her unmatched patience was the perfect combo for us and our pup. Highly recommend! (from Google)

Carol M. & Clive, North Carolina (remote client)

Kate is so knowledgeable about about SO MANY aspects of dog care, behavior, training – it is really impressive! She even recommended to discuss a liver support supplement to help our pup’s liver enzymes when they were elevated. She is so patient, gentle and has such a way with dogs and the people who love them. HIGHLY recommend her to help with all of your training needs.

Meredith C. & Ty, OH, remote client (Google)

My boxer has stranger danger, meaning he is fearful of strangers. Kate has helped come up with activities and techniques to help Yoda (boxer) deal with situations inside and outside of the house. The conference call was very professional and insightful. I appreciated the handouts and the opportunities to ask questions. The follow up notes added more ideas for working with Yoda and on how as his trainer what is expected of me. In order to achieve our desired results it will take time and patience, I believe Kate has given us the tools we need. I would recommend “Rescued by Training” for all dogs of any age and situation.

Jen W. & Yoda, Bruckner, MO, remote client (Google)