How Does Remote Training Work?

How Can You Help My Dog With Distance Training?

Distance training can be a very successful, cost-effective and convenient way to get personalized training!  Get help for your dog without leaving the comfort of your home.  But it can feel weird to people to not have someone in person, so here’s how it works.  You can also read my recent blog post about it here.

How to prepare for our session:

  • Book your appointment using our ONLINE SCHEDULER.
  • All sessions must be prepaid.
  • Block out uninterrupted time for our session.
  • Ahead of our session, please check your internet connection, microphone and camera, and make sure your kids and dog have something to keep them occupied, so we can focus on discussing all the important details.
  • You will receive an email with any attachments ahead of our meeting.  Please have access to these during our session.

What we cover:

  • During the initial session, we review the complete history from the registration form you’ve completed, discuss what you’ve tried, what has worked and what hasn’t
  • Review how dogs learn and how we use this to modify behavior or teach new behaviors
  • Discuss your goals
  • Review your dog’s prognosis and discuss the factors that affect it
  • Implement management strategies and discuss training plans
  • Discuss if a meds consult or vet referral is needed for your case
  • Review the attachments/handouts sent to you
  • Set up follow up session or discuss the plan for scheduling
  • For follow-up sessions we will review and track your progress, discuss any sticking points and make necessary adjustments to the training plan.  For video sessions you will also be coached on your mechanics and/or watch Kate demo with one of her dogs or a stuffed demo dog so you can see the proper mechanics or be provided videos showing examples.

After your session:

  • You will receive detailed follow-up notes (for fear and aggression consults), a recommended shopping list along with any additional handouts, training plans and homework
  • You will send us updates via email and/or videos so they can be reviewed and feedback can be provided on the training you’re working on
  • You will practice the homework assigned and provide updates via email

Not sure if remote training works? 

It’s a common concern. But dog training is more about teaching the human, giving them the tools and knowledge for how to manage and live with their dog. A trainer coming into your home for an hour isn’t going to accomplish much just working with the dog when you need to live with your dog for all the other times. All of my clients have been remote since Covid, and many even before that! And they’re all very successful. Read this AP News article I was featured in discussing remote training.