Separation Anxiety Training Foundations Course Is Here!


Last week I excitedly announced the release of my upcoming course, Separation Anxiety Training Foundations.  Today I’m thrilled to finally share it with you! This has been many months in the making and I would be remiss if I didn’t thank my wonderful team out of the spotlight, Kelly and John, for helping make it all happen. I truly couldn’t have done it without either of you!

This course is so packed with quality content. The core course contains 4 self-paced modules each with multiple videos.  Each module also contains a downloadable resource that pairs with the information in the module.  And there’s bonuses, additional resources and lastly graduates are welcome to join a private Facebook support group exclusively open to course graduates and my one on one separation anxiety clients. Check out the course page for more details:

  • 4 Modules, including in-depth video lessons and worksheets
  • Membership in a private Facebook community with scheduled group coaching sessions with Kate
  • Bonus Module: The Complete Guide to Using Cameras in Training: Models, Angles and Other Recommendations
  • Bonus Module: Inside Training Missions – Detailed Steps for Each Phase of Training
  • A special discounted rate on one private video session

Naturally, a self paced course isn’t a replacement for one on one training but, for clients who want to get started on their own before investing in one on one training, who might be a little more DIY, who are budget conscious or who want to get a taste of what separation anxiety training entails, this is a great foundational starter to help you on your way.  Ready to join?  Access the Separation Anxiety Training Foundations Course here!

If you missed my free download, The 7 Milestones Of Your Separation Anxiety Journey, download it here!

Happy training!



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