Training Deaf Dogs


Recently I hosted a free Q&A on training deaf dogs, with my friend and colleague, Zach from Evolved Dog Training, who specializes in training hearing impaired dogs.  Here are some of the key takeaways from the Q&A:

  1. Train hand signals
  2. Train gentle, tactile cues, like a light touch to the rump or side for attention
  3. Only use a vibration only collar once hand signals and tactile have been trained and only do this under the supervision of a qualified trainer (like Zach!) who can teach you how to properly condition the collar to ensure this doesn’t hurt or scare your dog.
  4. Interrupt play with other dogs if needed, since your deaf dog can’t hear other dogs’ warning signals.
  5. NEVER use a shock collar.

If you missed the Q&A you can watch it here!

Happy training!

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