Using Distance Manipulations in Resource Guarding


Today I’m releasing a little infographic to help explain distance manipulations in resource guarding.  If you’ve missing previous posts, you can see them all here:  Resource Guarding Series. Today’s post shows the process of how we overcome if a dog is a “professional” guarder and struggles to give up items, even as we’re working through training.

When practicing object removals in an object guarding plan, you may occasionally need to manipulate the distance between the dog, the guarded object, and the trainer.  We do this in three phases, as seen here. Download my free handout on this here.

1. Object in trainer’s possession







2. Object is equidistant between the trainer and the dog







3. Object is in the dog’s possession.







Resource guarding training can be tricky so if you have a guarder, whether it’s food, toys, location, favorite person or high value chews, reach out to me for help.  These sessions are easily done via remote video sessions so it doesn’t matter where you are in world – I can help you!

Happy training!


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