After adopting our dog Vera, my partner and I realized that our precious puppy was having some fear based issues. On the month she turned one, she started to growl and snap at strangers who entered the house. After a terrible trainer experience (not all trainers are legitimate) and countless tears, my friend referred me to Kate. Kate was a breath of fresh air. She came to our house with a notebook full of information, helped us devise a training plan, left us with specific training techniques to deal with the issues at hand and helped us learn to read Vera’s body language and nonverbal cues. Not only did she give us the tools to train Vera but most importantly she gave us hope that if we kept up our training, things would get better. I loved how much attention she was able to give us and how she will continually check in and give us advice. We found a true gem in Kate. We were literally rescued by training. I highly recommend Kate to anyone who needs a knowledgeable and understanding person to help guide their dog and household in a positive direction.