We worked with Kate when we adopted our first fearful dog, Bambi, and again later with our second even more fearful dog, Munchie Browns. Kate has also been guiding the training when medication is needed (in collaboration with a vet behaviorist) which is the case with Munchie Browns. In both cases, Kate focused on each dog’s needs to develop a training plan for us to learn how to manage their anxieties and build their confidence through counter conditioning and positive reinforcement, never with fear or force. She never promises any magic overnight fixes but real, achievable goals that have allowed our dogs to gain the quality of life they deserve. Munchie’s first 6 months with us she wouldn’t go near the front door of our house. Today we are able to walk down our Brooklyn sidewalk and even go to the park on occasion.

Throughout our work with Kate she’s paid a lot of attention to us, the humans, as well. She checks in regularly and follows up. Kate goes above and beyond for both her human clients and their dogs. We’ve felt nothing but supported while working with her.