I’d like to start off with the following: I could not recommend Kate (Rescued by Training) more highly!  Putting it simply, Kate is the best. Truly, *the best*—the most invaluable resource we couldn’t have even in our wildest dreams imagined!Her depth of knowledge and her care/commitment/dedication to her clients (dog and human alike!) is just amazing.

Kate has guided us through many not-so-easy journeys with our rescue gal, Houston, and she has allowed us to not only learn to understand Houston a little bit better, but has also allowed us to feel more confident in how we approach more challenging situations. We have seen firsthand how the fear free, science-based training Kate has dedicated her life to really works!

Initially, Kate was helping us with teaching our Hurricane Harvey rescue gal, Houston, some fear-free/positive reinforcement general obedience/husbandry training/offering a wealth of brilliant knowledge on ways to keep Houstie mentally engaged/stimulated through both her heartworm tx and spay (and life in general!). She provided (and still provides!) a vast amount of knowledge, guidance, and beautiful support for these new (slightly neurotic!) dog parents.

After our babe started experiencing some fear responses towards kids and then towards some humans, Kate swooped in with her tremendous ideas/resources (i.e. teaching us counter conditioning techniques—which, with time and diligence, WORK!). She connected us to a vet behaviorist who had a fabulous vet-to-vet consult with our vet. Now our girl is on medication and is doing so much better! Kate has opened our eyes to so many aspects of a dog’s world, allowing us to better understand/navigate/compromise living this life with our sweet girl.

We are so grateful to Kate for all that she has done for our family; and even though Houston cannot talk, it’s evident that we have grown leaps and bounds together as a family with the help of Kate—she really is the best there is!  We are forever grateful to and for Kate, and thank our lucky stars that the universe brought her into our lives. We adore you, Kate—thank you for all you do!