Kate has been wonderful and so helpful for us on our journey with our dog Chief, from day one!  When Chief was surrendered to the shelter, he was completely shut down and terrified. Through Kate, I was able to sit with Chief and get to know him a little in the shelter, and able to bring him home.

We enrolled in Kate’s “Mind Your Manners” training course, which taught us to train Chief in a positive way built on trust.  But even more so than that, Kate has gone above and beyond to help us not just train Chief but to get him to open up and become less fearful.

Since his adoption, she has been available to answer questions on how to address certain issues we were having with him, from stealing socks to being terrified of guests to walking the streets of New York.  Through Kate’s sound and loving advice, Chief has come leaps and bounds from the shut-down dog he was in the shelter, and is enjoying life now!