Kate is a wonderful dog trainer! As a first time dog owner, adopting a Shiba Inu to our home is wonderful and overwhelming!

For our first session, Kate traveled to our Queens home and showed us the basic commands like “touch”, “leave it”, “find it” etc., showed us how to do harness training to and crate training, to help him be less fearful of those things and helped us understand the dog’s body language and their thinking.

We learned so much about how to train our dog using positive reinforcement, and lots of patience and love! With lots of printed documents and followed up emails, Kate’s knowledge and experiences helped us and our newly adopted furbaby adjust pretty quickly!

After several weeks of training, our dog made big progress listening to our commands.  He lets us leash him in less than 5 seconds and goes to crate with no fear at all! All thanks to wonder Kate!

From our experience, I’d strongly recommend Kate to any new dog owners / fearful new dog owners or any owner who need help to have a better relationships with their dogs!