I was very distraught with my highly fear-aggressive rescue, Shelby, a 65 lb mix of sled dog/shiba/Sheltie.  It was getting to the point where she would become aggressive towards us if we tried to touch her. So I was referred to Kate and it was the best thing I ever did.

Kate came to my home and was able to assess the situation. She totally understood my dog and knew what she needed. She taught us what to do, how to help lessen Shelby’s fear of touch, and explained what a highly fearful dog needs. She takes her time and really explains things to you so you really understand why what she is teaching you will work.

Kate even went above and beyond and found a fear free certified veterinarian for me. I couldn’t have done this without her. And Kate was always there for any questions or concerns I had. She really cares and is always there for you and your dog.

We worked with Shelby and saw things change. We can now touch her with her being comfortable. A huge change. Shelby will always be a fearful dog, but knowing how to make her feel comfortable and less fearful has greatly improved all of our lives. Thank you so much Kate!

If you need help with your dog, I would HIGHLY recommend Kate. She is a true professional and highly educated in this area.