Conquering The Urban Jungle: Helping Dogs With Their Fear Of Outside

An online course to help your dog overcome fear of outside.

Before we get into the specifics of the course, let’s answer the burning question:

Is this the right course for my dog?

If your dog …

Is afraid to go for a walk

Won't sniff, potty or take food outside

Runs away when he knows it's time to go for a walk

Startles every time a loud noise happens outside

Needs help learning the outside world isn't so scary

Then you have come to the right place. Helping your dog overcome their fear of outside is possible. I’m here to show you how.

By the end of this program, you will have:


A clear understanding

about where fear comes from in dogs


Thorough knowledge

about how to create safe spaces for training


Clarity about

when (or if) to discuss the benefits of medication with your vet


The necessary tools

to train cues for cooperation and consent


Instructions on training

that explain exactly where to start, when to make it easier and when to increase difficulty


Detailed instructions

on how to follow a training plan


Creative ideas

to provide exercise and enrichment when outside is too scary


A measurable process

that makes it easy to decide what the next step in the training plan will be


Encouragement through

success stories of other dogs to help you see resolution is possible


Literacy in knowing

how dogs learn and when to use which types of learning

… and so, so much more!

What my clients are saying…

Tayef, Josh F. & Munchie, Brooklyn NY

“In our dog’s first 6 months with us she wouldn’t go near the front door of our house. Today we are able to walk down our Brooklyn sidewalk and even go to the park.”

Jon D. & Gordon, NYC

“Kate is a real professional at this. Don’t waste your time with anybody else!”

Maddie P. & Houston, NYC

“Putting it simply, Kate is the best. Truly, *the best*—the most invaluable resource we couldn’t have even in our wildest dreams imagined!”

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What’s Inside

The Course

Module 1
  • Introduction to the problem
  • Case histories on 3 client dogs who all struggled with fear of outside
  • Discussion about whether walks are even necessary
Module 2
  • Understanding fear and where it comes from
  • Learning how dogs learn
  • Dog body language: learning the subtle signs
Module 3
  • Creating safe spaces
  • Examples of safe spaces
  • Creative ideas for what is safe for your dog
  • Moving at your dog’s pace
  • Video examples
Module 4
  • Steps to resolution
  • Prioritizing training choices
Module 5
  • The importance of enrichment
  • Ideas for implementing enrichment
  • Exercising with outside access
  • Video examples
Module 6
  • Medication in training
  • Facts and myths about medication
  • Do natural products work?
  • Medication journeys and trials
Module 7
  • Training cues for cooperation and consent
  • What to train
  • Training process
  • Timeline
  • Video examples
Module 8
  • Success stories
  • Timelines of success
  • Training process
  • What success looks like for different dogs
  • Transferring skills
  • Video examples
Module 9
  • Additional resources
  • Training plan handouts
  • Additional downloads
  • Facebook group membership
  • Discount coupon for a private session

Fast-Action Bonuses

When you sign up during this promotional period, you’ll be eligible for some very special perks that are only available for a limited time.

Bonus #1: Private Facebook Community with Group Coaching

Helping your dog isn’t easy. There will invariably be ups & downs, highs & lows, and breakthroughs & regressions. It’s important that you have a community celebrate and troubleshoot all the parts of your journey, and that’s exactly what this group provides.

You will also have the chance to ask Kate questions or get guidance during her “Office Hours” in the group.

$197 value

Bonus #2: Special discounted rate for a 1:1 video session with Kate

If you feel stuck or just need some personal support in your journey, I’ve got you covered. You’ll be eligible for a discounted rate on a private lesson with me when you sign up for the course.

$25 savings

That’s a value of $222, that you’ll get just for signing up.

Meet Your Fearful Dog Guide



Course Instructor


Kate is a professional dog trainer and certified behavior consultant specializing in fear and aggression. She’s helped over 2,300 dogs overcome issues their guardians thought were impossible – fear of strangers, separation anxiety, resource guarding, growling at toddlers and more. With almost 7,000 hours of hands-on training fearful dogs, she has the relevant experience to rescue you and help you and your dog be happy.

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