Dangerous Dog Assessment

This service is available to lawyers or clients who are involved in a legal case (or potential legal case) involving “dangerous dog” orders or euthanasia order.

As one of only three Certified Behavior Canine Consultants (CBCC-KA designation from CCPDT) in the entire state of Connecticut, Kate is uniquely qualified with extensive experience working with fearful and aggressive dogs, both in homes and in a shelter environment.  With over 2500 hours of hands-on training and assessing fearful and aggressive dogs in the last 4 years, Kate has a wide range of experience.  Additionally she has completed over 70 CEUs of continuing education credits in the last two years, ensuring she stays up to date on the most current studies/research, methods and treatments.  Specific credentials are here.

Distance Assessment: Written assessment (or statement given to attorney via phone) based on my personal review of legal documents, witness statements, police report, medical reports, prognosis and bite evaluation based on photographs available. $225 per hour.

In-Person Behavioral Assessment: Includes behavioral assessment/observation of “dangerous dog” at municipal holding facility, owner’s home or vet clinic.  Includes assessment for food and toy guarding behaviors, sociability and sensitivity.  Additional information is gathered from the owner on history of dog with a thorough 100+ question questionnaire.   Written report will include observations, reported history and prognosis. $500 (plus travel fee if outside 45 min from zip code 06831 via Google Maps)

Court testimony or other appearance including town council meetings: $300 per hour or partial hour (plus travel fee if outside 45 min from zip code 06831 via Google Maps)

Additional fees may apply for overnight accommodations, extensive travel, press appearances, etc.