What do all those letters mean?

Dog training in the United States is completely unregulated. Not only does this mean consumers have no protection and anyone can do practically anything to your dog in the name of training, it also means there’s a lot of muddy language around dog training credentials, titles and what means what.

People claiming to be trainers or claiming to be certified trainers doesn’t actually mean much, if you don’t know who that certifying organization is or what their standards are.

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About the author

Hi, I’m Kate. I’m a professional dog trainer and certified behavior consultant specializing in fear and aggression and separation anxiety. I’ve helped over thousands of dogs overcome issues their guardians thought were impossible – fear of strangers, resource guarding, growling at toddlers, separation anxiety and more. With over 6,000 hours of hands-on training fearful dogs, I have the relevant experience to rescue you and help you enjoy your dog again.

So whether you need help with a growly, bitey, fraidy dog, or are preparing for life with a new baby or your new dog just needs some manners, I can help and we can work together to improve your and your dog’s quality of life.