Surrendering Or Rehoming Your Dog Checklist:

My Top 10 suggestions to consider doing before surrendering or rehoming your dog

You dreamed of adding a dog to your family and you finally did. But, your dream didn’t turn out the way you thought it would. And now you’re sad, conflicted and aren’t quite sure what to do. You’re likely getting lots of advice, perhaps conflicting and none of it feels like you’re making an educated decision.

I’m here to help.

Getting professional behavior guidance at this time is critical, not just for your dog’s welfare but so you can have peace of mind in your decision, knowing you’ve truly given your dog the best chance at life with you. And, so that if you choose to rehome or surrender, you’re setting your beloved dog up for success in their next home.

Don’t you and your dog both deserve this?

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About the author

Hi, I’m Kate. I’m a professional dog trainer and certified behavior consultant specializing in fear, aggression and separation anxiety. I’ve helped thousands of dogs overcome issues their guardians thought were impossible – fear of strangers, separation anxiety, resource guarding, growling at toddlers and more.

As as rescue advocate and volunteer for over 2 decades and a former shelter trainer, I can help you navigate this difficult decision, to rescue you and help you find the right choice for your dog and your family.