Companion Animal Advance Care Directive

End-of-life decisions for our companion animals are never easy and the weight of that responsibility and the burden of that love that we’re entrusted with can be overwhelming at times. But knowing that you’re here, looking for resources and guidance, tells me your loved one has a loving, caring guardian and is in good hands.

Let’s make a plan so you are as prepared as you can be so you can focus on supporting and enjoying every moment with your loved one up until the end!

I can help you.

Download my free guide today to learn how to be proactive and open a discussion about what you are willing or not willing to do in terms of treatments, quality of life sacrifices and more. And remember, this is a living document – it can and should, change as your pet ages or circumstances change.

About the author

Hi, I’m Kate. I am not a therapist, but as a professional, certified dog trainer specializing in fear and aggression and an end of life companion animal doula, I have helped clients through pet loss, whether from natural aging, unexpected medical issues, accidents or behavioral euthanasia. I also have navigated my own personal companion animal losses and can relate to and provide support with the caretaking and grief process you’re going through.

I can help and we can work together to be proactive and I can support you in a non-judgemental way, no matter what decisions you’re facing, to help give you and dog the best quality of life remaining.