Dogs & Babies

Congratulations! You’re expecting and this is an exciting time. As you prepare for the arrival of your little one, you’ve probably come across lots of advice about the best way to introduce your dog to your baby.

But here’s the thing.

Much of the advice that you’ll find online is, at best, a waste of your finite mental energy.
And at worst, it’s downright dangerous. 

Download my free guide to get clear on the best practices for dog and baby intros. 

You’ll Learn


Should you bring home a blanket from the hospital?


What exactly should you do the day you and baby come home?


How much interest is too much interest?


How can you safely supervise your dog and baby's interactions?


What is the best way to meet your dog's needs after the baby is home?



You’re busy enough setting up the nursery, picking out the right car seat/stroller combo, and washing those newborn onesies to comb through the misinformation on the internet about how best to integrate your dog and baby.

That’s why I created this guide – to get the right info into the right hands quickly and easily. So look no further, I’ve got you!

About the author

Hi, I’m Kate. I’m a professional dog trainer and certified behavior consultant specializing in fear and aggression and separation anxiety. I’ve helped over 1850 dogs overcome issues their guardians thought were impossible – fear of strangers, resource guarding, growling at toddlers, separation anxiety and more. With over 5,240 hours of hands-on training fearful dogs, I have the relevant experience to rescue you and help you enjoy your dog again.

So whether you need help with a growly, bitey, fraidy dog, or are preparing for life with a new baby or your new dog just needs some manners, I can help and we can work together to improve your and your dog’s quality of life.