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How I can help you achieve your goals

Online Training

While it seems counterintuitive not having an in-person trainer, online (also called distance or remote) dog training is cost-effective, convenient and works! It’s easier for the dog having less distractions and for dogs with fear issues, there’s no scary stranger coming into the home. A qualified trainer doesn’t need to see the behavior to help and the reality is, a lot of dog training is providing the humans with information and teaching them skills to help the dog. Using easy to use technology, training can effectively be accomplished remotely, without having to leave the comfort of home.

Learn more about how online training works here.


In-Person Training

For select cases, in-person training can be more efficient. Whether it’s day training or puppy board and train where I do the “heavy lifting” installing basic behaviors, working on resource guarding exercises or doing whole family training, with school aged kids and a new dog, I can help. Even when I start the process, you’ll need to learn to maintain the skills for long-term success. 

Availability for these sessions is very limited, and if appropriate for your dog, availability and pricing will be discussed during your initial consult.  Occasionally it may may require meeting at a public space, like a park, or location other than your home. These sessions cannot be booked through the scheduler so please contact me if you think you require an in-person session.

My Approach

Quite simply, I use science, not because it’s flashy but because science works (whether we believe it or not!) and gets you results. I distill all the important learning theory and applied behavior analysis into easily digestible ways to help your dog. This includes rewarding behaviors you want increased, using non-painful, non-scary ways to decrease unwanted behaviors and using desensitization and counterconditioning for behavior modification in fear and aggression cases. I am wholly committed to positive reinforcement training and will never hurt, coerce, scare or “dominate” your dog in any way.


Where are you located? What areas do you serve?

By offering online training, clients can be located anywhere! I am located in Greenwich, CT but offer limited in-person sessions in the NYC Metro Area including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Westchester County NY and Fairfield County CT.  Some locations may require a travel or parking fee for in-person sessions.

Do you guarantee results?

I guarantee you and your dog will be treated with respect and compassion. Your dog will be trained using only positive reinforcement and I promise to be transparent and honest about outcomes, progress and prognosis but it is unethical for any trainer to guarantee results. Dogs are animals, and we cannot predict how they will behave, as behavior is subject to many factors, including but not limited to environmental changes, medical issues/pain, reinforcement history, human behavior and genetics.  Dogs are animals and behavior, whether dog or human, is never 100% and fluctuates with circumstances.

How does online training work?

A good trainer doesn’t need to see the dog being fearful or aggressive to help them. I know what stranger danger or food guarding looks like without intentionally pushing the dog to react. Through the use of easy to use, free technology we do training sessions in real time with me coaching you or demonstrating myself.  If you can click a link or use a phone, you can do online training! I have a handy “how to prepare for your online session” guide here or you can read my blog post about it here.

How much does training cost and how many sessions will I need?

All of my services and prices are listed here.  While it may be tempting to shop around for the cheapest trainer you can find, with dog training being an unregulated industry, there’s a lot of unscrupulous people out there and it’s buyer beware.  As with many things, you get what you pay for.  Many clients find their way to me after going through several other trainers, not getting results and wasting money.  You’re not just paying for the exact time I spend with you, but you’re paying for all I bring with me – years of education, numerous credentials and certifications and experience as well as my commitment to continued education and to getting results.  I am extremely committed to follow-up and communication with clients and this is built into my pricing structure as well. 

 At your initial consult, we review prognosis and discuss what your case will require.  Some people are more DIY and take the information from their consult and through follow-up notes and work through things on their own while others require more frequent coaching and one-on-one sessions.

What methods do you use?

You can read about my training philosophy here but I use only positive reinforcement methods, training with a plan to ensure the most efficient results.  I know how to motivate dogs to increase behaviors we want more of and decrease behaviors we want less of, all without the use of any force, fear or pain. 

Do you use any special tools in training?

I recommend no-pull harnesses or head halters for dogs that pull, to help get pressure off their neck/trachea, in addition to working on training exercises but these tools do not hurt your dog in any way.  If there is a safety concern with an aggressive dog or dog with severe or unknown bite history, I will sometimes recommend muzzle training but I always ensure the dog is a willing participant in wearing it and that it’s never painful or scary to the dog.

My Values & Training Philosophy

Dog training is an unregulated industry, so in the US, there are no legal or educational requirements to be a trainer.  Any method is allowed, including electric shock, and there’s no overseeing authority ensuring people who call themselves trainers actually have a working, scientific understanding of animal learning and behavior. There is no consumer protection and no recourse if someone hurts or makes your dog’s problem worse. That’s why it is so important that while you’re searching for a trainer that you know who you will be entrusting your furry family member to. Ask questions and demand transparency.  I vow to be completely transparent with my answers and methods, as I have nothing to hide. See all of our credentials, certifications, affiliations and continuing education here. 

I will never hurt, coerce, scare or “dominate” your dog in any way.  I am 100% committed to science-based, force-free training, which uses rewards (never fear or pain) to motivate and train your dog.  That’s part of why I’m vet recommended!

In fact, I feel so strongly about using non-aversive techniques that I am a Pet Professional Guild (PPG) partner for their Project tRade program.  If you’re currently using aversives (prong collars, shock collars, pinch collars, choke chains, citronella collars and the like) to train, please read more about Project tRade here.

I’m “changing hearts and training minds!” to help you better communicate what you’d like your dog to do and not do, improving your relationship and bond with each other.